Dear SFUA Team, Friends and Partners,

During these challenging and unprecedented times, we wanted to reach out to you, our families, friends, supporters, and partners to see how you are doing and to give you an update on our pandemic impacted activities.  Gratefully, because of the federal and state designation of agriculture to be part of our critical infrastructure and an essential service, we have been able to continue to be fully engaged with a modified commitment to mission and community!

Incredibly, SFUA and our wonderfully devoted partners have been busy planting, harvesting and gleaning fields for the food banks, food pantries and needy families and individuals here in Southern California.  Some of our amazing chefs have been preparing delicious and nutritious meals and jams for first responders using our fresh produce selections. As this has been one of the greatest threats to our global food system in almost 100 years, it has never been more important to address the vulnerabilities of our farms and our citizens through a lens of sustainability and resilience.  How wonderful that we can re-align our resources around regional food security through these simple solutions from the land. 

For over 3 decades, Solutions for Urban Agriculture (formally known as Orange County Harvest) has served our region with creative collaborations addressing food insecurity. Just in these past three years, we have grown, gleaned, or recovered over 1 million lbs. of fresh produce for community partners such as the Orange County Food Bank, Second Harvest Food Bank and Bracken’s Kitchen. While some other regions and States lack the infrastructure and collaboration with farmers to recover food to help those in need, we are blessed to have the support of our many partners and collaborators. It is our intention to expand the breadth and reach of our food security projects and programs with your continuing volunteerism, generosity, and encouragement! 

Many of you have inquired as to the status of our annual Harvest Moon Celebration and we wanted to let you know the event is still scheduled for October 2, 2020...and we are planning to make it the most exciting and innovative event ever! 

Please save the date! The Harvest Moon marks the change of seasons and how farmers over the centuries could anticipate the late evening brilliance of the moon to help them extend their critical harvests before a first autumn frost. With each season we humbly grow and learn to be thankful. We hope that you can join us to celebrate the Harvest Moon and continue our important work of growing healthy foods, edible landscapes, and food recovery to end hunger in our regional communities! 

With a grateful heart, 
A.G. Kawamura, Chairman & Founder 

Sustainable Edible Landscapes Everywhere with Hunger Nowhere

11405 Jeffrey Road, Irvine, CA 92602

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