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The Giving Farm

The Giving Farm is a farm-to-food bank collaborative community program, managed by Solutions for Urban Agriculture, the Orange County Food Bank, OC Farm Bureau, & the Westminster High School Agriculture Program, which boasts a network of approximately 400 local charities, soup kitchens and community organizations. It utilizes student and community volunteer support and provides hands-on educational opportunities while helping provide the community with fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Westminster High’s agricultural program isn’t just educating students about horticulture, livestock and equipment. It’s also putting food on the tables of those who need it most.This year, eight acres of farmland adjacent to the campus have been re branded as The Giving Farm as part of a unique initiative that’s providing students with hands-on agricultural lessons while cultivating fresh produce for families in need.

In addition to growing three types of squash — butternut, spaghetti and acorn — The Giving Farm produces some impressive watermelons, which were being harvested by students during a recent visit from OCDE’s Media Services team. Click above to watch their brief video.

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